Thursday, October 24, 2013

Awesomatic "On and on"

This is the artwork I made for Awesomatic debut "On and on" which is to be released in November.
Awesomatic logo is not my property.

This is how the original image looks like.There are a lot of funny smileys all around:)
Original name ot the artwork is "Funky Robot".

Close ups. I think these details will not be visible in printed version, but looks good enough for showing off.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Капітошка meets Sonic The Hedgehog?

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Flashback Disco

I'm kinda starting a DJ career.
After 3 dj sets as Godzilla Groove I'm starting a radioshow.
Check it out next Sunday 21:00 +2 GMT HERE!