Friday, March 29, 2013

! R B T R K !

Last 2 days I've been working on this thing that costs me 10 hours approx. This vector drawing is based on my old (november or december 2012) drawing from the sketchbook which can be found HERE (4th one).
Basic requirement was to avoid black color and to keep the lines simple. Actually I really proud with result achieved and with clean feeling here.Color palette of this picture is also something new for me, because of fresh desaturated colors.
Denki Groove is written with japanese hieroglyphs here and yes, It's the name of electronic music band from Japan. 
You're Gone free font developed by Typodermic Fonts was used in my work.
RBTRK (robot rock) is just occasional title I decided to take and don't ask me about Daft Punk ok? :)

Actual picture (click to enlarge ):


  1. I love looks great! You inspired me to get off my ass and get to work ;)

  2. well, fantastics! where is the sketch? I wanna learn how to draw like this ad how you get inspired by doing the sketch.

    1. Hi Naskleeng!
      The sketch is here