Friday, March 29, 2013

! R B T R K !

Last 2 days I've been working on this thing that costs me 10 hours approx. This vector drawing is based on my old (november or december 2012) drawing from the sketchbook which can be found HERE (4th one).
Basic requirement was to avoid black color and to keep the lines simple. Actually I really proud with result achieved and with clean feeling here.Color palette of this picture is also something new for me, because of fresh desaturated colors.
Denki Groove is written with japanese hieroglyphs here and yes, It's the name of electronic music band from Japan. 
You're Gone free font developed by Typodermic Fonts was used in my work.
RBTRK (robot rock) is just occasional title I decided to take and don't ask me about Daft Punk ok? :)

Actual picture (click to enlarge ):

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Here is another piece work for my guys from Star TV.
TV broadcast logo. 
The idea was to get the feeling of 80's vhs/betacam picture style with it's glitches and interlacing.
It was made in vectors and then processed with raster software.
Final image processed with Adobe Photoshop, superheavily processed :

Outline preview and superclean Illustrator mode:

Since this is kinda work for food, all rights belongs to Star TV

Monday, March 25, 2013


Just another minimalistic exercise I made few weeks ago.
I tried to draw an octopus as a symbol, but Natalka said it looks like a bearded man :)

Monday, March 4, 2013

GUN (Warpunk 2013)

This one is based on my old sketch from 2011 sketchbook and was drawn pretty fast (4 hours approx). The guy and his gun were made in Flash, but Adobe Illustrator was used for camo background and chaotic linear madness. I'm going to use this way of drawing vectors in my further works, because CS 5 rocks for this purposes and flexible *fxg file format  works in really amazing way ( thumbs up for this good feature in Flash CS5 ).
It looks very untidy when it comes to details, but super precision outlines quality is actually not a goal I wanted to achieve here.

Attention! The background magazine is not exists in real life!
I just like to play around with  pop magazine cover design :)